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Jewelry Care

Care & Maintenance:

  • You can avoid tarnish on your sterling silver jewelry by wearing your pieces often.
  • The oils in your skin will “clean” the silver and keep it looking shiny.
  • It is a good idea to remove jewelry when doing household chores.
  • We also strongly recommend removing jewelry before going to bed.
  • Lotions, cosmetics, hair spray and hair products, and perfumes are also “enemies” of precious metal and can contribute to tarnishing.
  • Store your jewelry in airtight plastic bags.
  • For gold fill pieces, we recommend taking off for showers, swimming and any other activities that may cause your jewelry to be subjected to sweat or water. 

Cleaning - Sterling Silver Jewelry:

  • Polishing your silver works well when the tarnishing is not too severe. 
  • Silver is soft and can become scratched easily. You can use a special silver cloth to polish your items, but a lint-free flannel, microfiber, or other soft nonabrasive cloth will do as well. 
  • Do not use paper towels or tissues to polish your jewelry as they contain fibers that can scratch the silver.

Cleaning - 14k Gold-Filled

  • Although our Gold Filled jewelry will not tarnish, it will get dirty and eventually the gold will wear off (how fast this happens depends on wear and tear). The oils from your skin transfer to the metal and need to be washed off periodically.
  • The easiest way to care for it is to scrub it with a baby soft toothbrush and a mild dish washing liquid. Rinse it well and lay on a towel to dry.
  • Never use tissue or any other paper-based material to clean your pieces.

Please note that we also use gold vermeil for some of our charms. You may care for those pieces the same as the gold fill for long lasting pieces.

For more details on the materials we use, check out of FAQ page