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Well hello and big hugs from me to your sweet soul. I'm happy you're here.

For many years I have experienced hearing God speak to me through impressions in my heart/mind, visions and seeing in the spirit realm through my minds eye.

This includes ...
- getting dream like visions while awake 
- intentionally going into a vision 
- getting downloads of information about someone and feeling prompted to tell that person a message from God
- seeing angels
- seeing demons
- seeing a myriad of activity in the spirit realm (liquids, colours, banners, curses, blessings, and more)
- visions in the night (dreams with a message for myself or others)
- and more...

Discovering these incredible gifts was wild for me and although it included taking risks, it was worth it when I saw how encouraged others were to hear about the things I was seeing/hearing from God for them. These gifts automatically flow when I'm praying for others so prayer is always an exciting adventure for me, one that I love to invite others on.

The prophetic gifting has been active in me since I was very young but I only started truly discovering it and growing in it, the past ten years. I love this gift because it's so encouraging to others and in all honesty, it's really fun.

I was introduced to inner healing 13 years ago and since then have been passionate about living an inner healed lifestyle. My interest in soul healing lead to studying it and receiving many forms of training. I continue to offer inner healing sessions but this is something I feel to limit at this time. During the covid years, I was seeing up to 5 people a week for soul healing. It was powerful and that hands on experience has been invaluable. 

I've been a deeply spiritual person for as long as I can remember. This includes experiencing the above mentioned things and believing in God who I have a personal relationship with. I'm a bible believing Christian which means I believe in God as the three in one, the trinity. The basics of this is that God is all three....Father God, Jesus (the son) and the Holy Spirit. I won't even attempt to explain that but it felt like an important factor to mention because there are many forms of gods and I wanted to explain who I'm referring to when I say God. 

The reason I've decided to offer these sessions is becuase we all have a body, soul and spirit and I believe all three are deserving of our attention. Having spiritual experiences is life giving and let's be honest, it's really fun. 


I would like to briefly mention that I am not interested in having faith debates or trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe. The focus of these sessions is for you to have a beautiful spiritual experience with the Spirit of God. Even if you don't believe in God! I'm serious....head to the W H O section for more on that.